Project Savings Estimates – The Houstonian

Cooling Tower Annual Savings (Power, Water, Chemicals): 20%

This is achieved through the tower turndown (both in fans and water flow), lower drift rates and lower chemical usage.

Chiller Efficiency Improvement: 10-15%

This is achieved because the Tower Tech Towers are able to return colder condenser water to the Chillers than the previous towers.

Balancing of Condenser Water Pumps with VFD’s: 30%

The head loss in the system was lower than the previous system design using conventional towers. Using VFD’s, the speed of the pumps were reduced until the flow matched the chiller design.


The State of Texas and the City of Houston have adopted the PACE financing program!

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) allows Building Owners to use private, 100% long term financing for energy efficient capital improvements where the energy savings are greater than the annual payment, putting the owner immediately cash positive.

Cooling Towers, Pumps, Controls Upgrades, On-Site Generation, Rain Water Collection, and Grey Water systems are all examples of PACE eligible equipment upgrades.

As an Industrial Ambassador, Cougar Sales can help educate you on the PACE program and provide everything required to make a PACE Project work (Energy Analysis, Lenders, PACE Application, etc).

For more information on PACE please contact us today, or visit the Texas PACE Authority website.